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Herefords provide extra Vigor and Efficiency...


Home of "Star Moneymaker 63U ET" & "FCC 7M Quantum 2U" - Semen & AI Certificates Available on both bulls!

Welcome to Sterling Herefords home on the web. We are a Registered Hereford breeder located in Mansfield, Arkansas. Our goal is to provide quality cattle to the commercial and registered cattleman of today. With rising feed cost, drought, and the need for more heat tolerant and efficient cattle this is becoming more true today. That is why we raise Hereford cattle, we have so many different avenues to market our cattle.

A commercial breeder could use in his environment for things such as:

> Hereford Bull + Brahman Cow = Tigerstripe ("Cadillac of Females")

> Hereford Cattle + Black Cattle = Black Baldies

> Hereford Cattle + (Insert Your Cattle Here) = Heterosis that makes them better.

We can fit you with a Hereford female or a bull that fits your needs. We have bulls that work on heifers, we have bulls than can consistently throw high weaning or yearling weights. Whatever your needs are, we can help fit the animal to you. We want your repeat business and this is highly important to us.